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2016 Submissions

WTF Did I Wtness?!? Episode 4: Forbidden Jungle Maze Dubstep Song
Tetris Hero's Rap Battle Nerdcore Song
WTF Did I Witness?!? Episode 3: Hitlarious Hungarian Deathmarch Experimental Song
WTF Did I Witness?!? Episode 2 : World Wide Chants Nerdcore Song
WTF Did I Witness?!? Episode 1 : Foggy Dew Dubstep Song
Classically Tranced Dubstep Dubstep Song
The Big Deceit Nerdcore Song
Memory Meltdown Cinematic Song
Out of Time Cinematic Song
Daytime Fights Classical Song
Against All Odds Cinematic Song
Not Another Sad Song New Wave Song
Perilous Journey Cinematic Song
Comedy intro V 3.2 Cinematic Loop
Comedy intro V 1.2 Dance Loop
Comedy intro 3 Cinematic Loop
Comedy intro 2 Classic Rock Loop
Comedy intro 1 Dance Loop
Gumbo House Bro!!!! House Song
Voices of Newgrounds Dubstep Song
The Rain After The Gloom Classical Song
Amidst the Ruins New Wave Song
Dark Corners Dubstep Song
Don't Be Scared Dubstep Song
Journey Full of Regrets Experimental Song
Isolated Genocide Experimental Song
Unstable Monster Dubstep Song
All About That Bass {Hype Dubstep Song
Funkstep {i Was Like Funk Dat Dubstep Song
Brain Wave Project Dubstep Song
The Flim Flam Hooligan Dubstep Song
Twisted Thunder Dubstep Song
Tuwiuwok Ambient Song
Trecherous Slumber Nerdcore Song
Sayonara Classical Song
Hokage Funeral Hip Hop - Modern Song
Dead Silence Remix Hip Hop - Modern Song
Hunger Games Hip Hop - Modern Song
Independant Lunacy Goth Song
Sadness and Sorrow Hip Hop - Modern Song
Despair Techno Song
Doll Houses Hip Hop - Modern Song
Will of the Heart Ambient Song
Deadly Slumber Goth Song
Silent Hill Demo Drum N Bass Song
Transparent Hinderance Dubstep Song
Star Gaze Heaven Full Dubstep Song
Star Gaze Heaven Demo Dubstep Song
Prituri Brain Implosion Dubstep Song
Pilchard-Tzachitx re Edit Dubstep Song
Day she left the ground Ambient Song
White Stripes- Numb Dubstep Song
Too Close- Transcendance Dubstep Song
Hyperion ft. Tech-Lets Go Hip Hop - Modern Song
Hyperion ft. Tech- Why... Drum N Bass Song
Mraz-Im yours Tech N9ne Hip Hop - Modern Song
Numb Cole Jackson dubstep Dubstep Song
Stirling Tech N9ne remake Dubstep Song
Crave You Russian Mix Dubstep Song
Dj Hyperion ft. Tech N9ne Hip Hop - Modern Song
Bass down low nit gritted Dubstep Song
Farewell My Dearest Ambient Song
Summer Jivin {Hyperion} Drum N Bass Song
Runing Blind {Hyperion} Drum N Bass Song
Devil's Gospel {Hyperion} Drum N Bass Song
D.P.O.P. {Hyperion} Drum N Bass Song
Nightmare Collision RMX{Hyper} Drum N Bass Song
Nightmare Calamity {Hyperion} Goth Song
To Be Wanted {Hyperion} Hip Hop - Modern Song
Excaliburation Hip Hop - Modern Song
Dimensional Savior Rock{Hyper} General Rock Song
Dimensional Savior {Hyperion} Hip Hop - Modern Song
Death by Intermission{Hyperion Ambient Song
Delusional Hatred {Hyperion} Hip Hop - Modern Song
Sunday Stroll onAcid{Hyperion} Video Game Song
Smoothe mix {Hyperion} Techno Song
Destination End Drum N Bass Song
Darkness Chaser {DJ Hyperion} Drum N Bass Song
Farewell to Goodbye {Hyperion} Hip Hop - Modern Song
{Hyperion} I S**T on you Hip Hop - Modern Song
{Hyperion} VA Tip toe Hip Hop - Modern Song
{hyperion} Jungle Joose!!! Hip Hop - Modern Song
{Hyperion} NES Love Video Game Song
{Hyperion} VA Sly Gangsta Hip Hop - Modern Song
{Hyperion} Lone Band Hip Hop - Modern Song
Nothing is Meant to Last Hip Hop - Modern Song
{Hyperion} Peace at End Drum N Bass Song
{Hyperion} For the Horde!!! Hip Hop - Modern Song
{Hyperion} VA Chant Hip Hop - Modern Song
{Hyperion} Gregorian Chant Techno Song
{Hyperion} Hymh of the Faith Techno Song
VA Soldiers Hip Hop - Modern Song
{Dj Hyperion} Day by Day Techno Song
-Hyperion- Echo Drop Hip Hop - Modern Song
-Hyperion- Victorious Hip Hop - Modern Song
Darkening Hope Goth Song
Irreplaceable Dream Hip Hop - Modern Song
Happy Giddy Tech Flow Techno Song